International Scientific Symposium on
Emerging Issues in Environmental and Occupational Health: Mining and Construction in Transition Economies

April 22-23, 2013 in Yerevan, Armenia


Preliminary Program
International Scientific Symposium Emerging Issues in Prevention of:
I – Mining-related Illness in Miners and the Community (especially Children)
II – Work-related Illness in Construction Workers
III – Environmental and Work-related Cancer
IV – Environmental and Work-related Illness

Anticipated Audience

Occupational and environmental health scientists from: Academia, Government, NGOs, business, labor and others in the public and private sectors will find participation in this Symposium useful. This may include those from Ministries of Health, Environmental Protection, Labor and other Governmental representatives.

Changing economies in the former Soviet States, Central Asia, Middle East, and North Africa bring socio-economic impacts to societies in the region and new challenges in occupational and environmental health. Growth includes significant increases in mineral extraction and construction that will bring growing risks to worker and community health and especially children. System changes in the region include a transition from State-owned to Private industry and fragmentation of State large-scale industry.

Symposium Goals

Building on the 2012 November AUA Conference on the Socio-Economic Impact of Mining, a scientific symposium highlighting advances in occupational and environmental health will bring together internationally recognized experts sharing recent experiences with regional public health scientists. The goal of this dialog is to improve understanding of how to apply evidence-based scientific findings to strategically protect worker and community health in the region. A regional symposium is consistent with Collegium Ramazzini goals of sharing information through regional conferences throughout the world and AUA’s commitment to community service to help fill a need in this region’s economic transition.

Site visit on April 25, 2013: An optional site visit is being planned for conference participants to experience local conditions and representative environmental concerns related to mining development.

The language of the conference is English; some sessions will have simultaneous translation.

Symposium Organizing Committee is looking for funds to offer travel scholarships for those who are in need. For planning purposes please send an email to [email protected] if you want to be considered for a travel scholarship.

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