The Political Science and International Affairs (PSIA) program hosted a series of talks by Niels Jorgen Thogersen, Honorary Director General at the European Commission. The tour, organized by the Delegation of the European Union (EU) to the Republic of Armenia, was comprised of three talks: 1) European Values: What is Really Important to Europe, 2) The History of the EU: the Single Market, Schengen, the Euro and the Enlargements, and 3) Europe and the World: Areas near Europe.    Thogersen, who also serves as Goodwill Ambassador for Copenhagen, discussed the historic and political importance of peace, democracy and human rights in the EU. He then discussed the added-value of the euro as a common currency and how enlargements have shaped the face of the EU.   The talks, which were open to students, staff, and faculty, included dynamic discussions among all the participants.