As part of its mission to educate health providers and establish an ophthalmic care and prevention network, AUA’s Meghrigian Institute of Preventive Ophthalmology of the Center for Health Services Research and Development organized a two-day training course on “Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment of Ophthalmic Diseases at the Primary Health Care Level” in Gegharkunik marz, on September 24-25, 2011. The purpose of the training course was to expand service delivery to under-served populations in need of affordable, accessible, and high quality eye care services for prevention and treatment of blindness at all levels.  It was designed for the primary health care (PHC) nurses and was carried out at the Lions Regional Ophthalmic Unit (ROU) in Sevan.  The 16 participants were from the five main cities of Gegharkunik marz: Tchambarak, Vardenis, Gavar, Martuni and Sevan.

Dr. Varsik Hakobyan, Ophthalmic Consultant of Meghrigian Institute, covered a number of topics during the training, including anatomy and physiology of eyes, main eye diseases, eye injuries, and diagnostic and treating procedures in ophthalmology.  She also covered prevention of eye diseases.  The training course had a specific focus on eye diseases such as glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy.  The PHC nurses of Gegharkunik marz expanded their theoretical and practical skills in ophthalmology.  All participants received a brochure about the basics of ophthalmology, designed for primary health care nurses.  At the end of the training course, participants received certificates from the Meghrigian Institute in recognition of successful completion of the course.

All the participants were very pleased with the two-day training and expressed their gratitude to the organizers and especially to the instructor, Dr. Varsik Hakobyan, for her comprehensive and dedicated teaching.