Together with local and international organizations, the AUA Acopian Center for the Environment (ACE) is actively involved in studying and preserving nature in Lake Arpi National Park, which is located in the extreme Northwest of Armenia. The AUA team’s first objective is to develop an inventory of the fauna of birds, dragonflies and butterflies of the area, and to monitor the health indicators of the ecosystem, including the White Stork. As a second objective, the AUA team is working to enhance the general level of environmental public awareness in all communities of the National Park. The basic infrastructure for developing ecotourism in the area has been created. These include publication of tourist guides to the local wildlife and installation of information desks and maps of biodiversity concentration areas. The AUA team is convinced that stimulating nature protection at the grassroots level is the most effective and beneficial approach. This project is funded by the Whitley Fund for Nature (UK) with additional support from the World Wide Fund for Nature Armenia, KfW (Germany), and the Ministry of Nature Protection of Armenia.