Catherine Buon, Associate Dean of the Department of English Programs, gave a presentation entitled: Our students, the PDTs: Procrastinators, Doers, and Thinkers at the 30th TESOL France Annual International Conference in Paris, France on November 5, 2011.  The presentation examined the ways in which students’ learning preferences and styles can be utilized by teachers for more effective language instruction.

Armen Tashchian, Visiting Professor in the School of Business and Management, published “Factors that Influence Students to Participate in Team Decision Making” in the November 2011 issue of the American Journal of Business Education. The study examines the effects of personality on participation in decision making. Tashchian also published “An Investigation of the Job Burnout Syndrome in Personal Selling” in the Fall 2011 issue of the Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management. The study builds on previous research and tests a model of burnout in the professional selling position.

Gayane Yenokyan, Visiting Assistant Professor, and Haroutune Armenian, Professor, from the College of Health Sciences (CHS) recently published “Triggers for Attacks in Familial Mediterranean Fever: Application of the Case-Crossover Design” in the 2011 American Journal of Epidemiology.

Anahit Demirchyan, Senior Research Specialist, Varduhi Petrosyan, Assistant Professor, and Michael Thompson, Adjunct Associate Professor from the CHS recently published the article “Psychometric value of the Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression (CES-D) scale for screening of depressive symptoms in Armenian population” in the October 2011 Journal of Affective Disorders.

Diana Petrosyan, AUA Master of Public Health (MPH) Alumna 2009, Haroutune Armenian, Professor, and Kim Hekimian, Visiting Assistant Professor, from the CHS recently published the article “Interaction of Maternal Age and Mode of Delivery in the Development of Postpartum Depression in Yerevan, Armenia” in the December 2011 Journal of Affective Disorders. The article was based on Diana Petrosyan’s MPH Capstone Project.

Lilit Khachatryan, AUA MPH Alumna 2009, Robert Scharpf, Visiting Assistant Professor, and Sarah Kagan, Visiting Professor, from the CHS recently published the article “Influence of Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 and Prolonged Estrogen Exposure on Risk of Breast Cancer among Women in Armenia” in the November 2011 Health Care for Women International. The article was based on Dr. Lilit Khachatryan’s MPH Capstone Project.

Hasmik Galstyan, Head of Reference of the AGBU Papazian Library, has been nominated as Electronic Information for Libraries-Intellectual Property (eIFL-IP) coordinator in Armenia by the Electronic Library Consortium of Armenia (ELCA). Galstyan has presented at many conferences on topics including the Role of Libraries in Higher Education and Access to Knowledge: Copyright and Libraries.