The DEP is proud to announce that DEP MA TEFL graduate Gayane Manukyan was invited to publish her thesis The impact of portfolio assessment on learners’ achievement, with LAP Lambert Publishing in Germany. Her study set out to investigate the extent to which portfolio assessment impacted learners’ achievement, learning process, and attitudes towards learning English. Five other DEP MA TEFL alumnae were also invited to publish their MA Theses with LAP Lambert Publishing and VDM Verlag, in Germany: Arevik Aboyan, Angela Balasanyan, Anna Ghazaryan, Lena Simonyan, and Naira Stepanyan.


Lena Simonyan (AUA TEFL 2009 graduate)

Angela Balasanyan (AUA TEFL 2010 graduate)

Anna Ghazaryan (AUA TEFL 2010 graduate)

Naira Stepanyan (AUA TEFL 2009 graduate)

Arevik Aboyan (AUA TEFL 2009 graduate)