Alumni, faculty, staff, and friends attended a memorial service for AUA founder Dr. Theony Condos on Thursday, June 28, at AUA’s Akian Gallery. Theony, who also served as Board Secretary to the AUA Corporation from its inception until about one year ago, passed away on May 16, 2012, after a long illness. President Bruce Boghosian, Interim Provost Armen Der Kiureghian, and Associate Registrar Chaghig Arzrouni offered personal remarks while the Sanctus Vocal Ensemble performed a brief interlude of acapella music. President Boghosian remarked that although “there is a natural tendency for these kinds of events to be sad, because we will all miss Theony very much…I think that it is also appropriate for this event to be, in many ways, a celebration of Theony’s life, her accomplishments, her intellect, and her remarkable generosity.” And, it was. Arzrouni remembered Dr. Condos as “a role model” and spoke fondly of her “wiseness, calmness, fairness, the justness of her advice and the shine in her eyes.”